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Ruth Hartsook

Course Description

This introductory course in computer programming begins by exploring the concepts of how computers work, how information is stored in memory, and how stored programs allow the user to control the machine. The history of computing and programming will be covered. Number systems key to computer programming, algorithm development, object oriented programming, and problem solving will follow. The course continues to emphasize programming methodology with a concentration on problem-solving and algorithm development. Students should be able:

  • to design and implement computer-based solutions to problems in several application areas;
  • to learn well-known algorithms and data structures;
  • to develop and select appropriate algorithms and data structures to solve problems;
  • to code fluently in an Object Oriented fashion using the programming language Java;
  • to read and understand a large program and a description of the design and development process leading to such a program;
  • to identify the major hardware and software components of a computer system, their relationship to one another and the roles of these components within the system;
  • and to recognize the ethical and social implications of computer use.

The students will be programming in Java. No prior programming experience is necessary.

And the good news is... since adding this course in 2003, the average pass rate of my students taking the Adavnced Placement exam in Computer Science in Davidson County is 87%, far better than the state or national average!

Come and join us!

Students from around Davidson County travel daily to the Technology Center at the Davidson High School (2065 E.HollyGrove Rd) to participate in courses designed especially for high school students. This year we are offering AP Computer Science. The course description is listed below. This a great opportunity for our students who are interested in Computer Science, but also for those interested in engineering, mathematics, and those interested in problem solving, logic and learning something challenging, fun and completely different.




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About the Teacher - Ruth Hartsook

Previous Experience:

AP Computer Science Exam Reader
Oracle Database Design and Programming Trained
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

Davidson County Schools (1999-2006)

Web Design Teacher
Davidson County Schools (2000 -2004)

Davidson County Schools (1999 - 2000)

Duke Power Company
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