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We all have experience with money -- mostly spending it. There is much more to learn about money than where to shop. In this WebQuest, you will learn how money is minted, how to SAVE it, how to make change, and even how to invest it wisely. You will even have a chance to run a small business and see how much money you can make!


The Task:


The Process:


  1. Click on, then click on "non-java version". Click on each "Start with Penny" to begin her story, then move on the "Dollar Bill", "Interest Ray", and "Checks". Read each story carefully.
  2. Click on the Game Room, enter your name, and take and least two of the on-line quizzes. You can take more if you wish.
  3. Explore anything else on this web site that you would like to see.

The Cash Register Game

  1. Click on the link for Change Maker (the cash register game).
  2. Read the directions carefully, and choose easy, medium, hard, or super brain.
  3. Solve problems and watch your piggy-bank grow! You should not quit your game until you have accumulated at least $6.00 in your piggy bank. Can you get $10.00?

Lemonade Stand

  1. Print the Game Log sheet before going any further.
  2. Click on the link for Lemonade Stand.
  3. Click on Start the Game, and type in your initials in the box that says "register".
  4. As you play, remember to keep up with the Game Log.
  5. Play one game (25 days), finish your Game Log.
  6. If there is time, you may play again.


Student's work will be evaluated based on the following:


After completing this WebQuest, students should understand the role that banks play in saving money. They should be able to make change for money amounts under $1.00, and they should be able to explain the strategies that they used in the Lemonade State game.


Lemonade Stand Game Log -- view and print before beginning the game.

Bookstore -- list of resources that you can actually hold in your hand (the old-fashioned kind)



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